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The soccer fields will be open this weekend (July  23-24) for youth soccer games.

The fields will be closed Monday-Friday July 25-29 while the finish is applied to the basketball courts.  This, hopefully, will be the final closure so all activities can resume....

The basketball courts are almost done. The lines are being striped as we speak (Thur 7/20).  The final coats of finish will be applied on Monday and Tuesday (7/25-26). The fumes are extremely noxious so the entire facility will be closed the entire week (Mon-Fri)

Starting Saturday July 30, the entire facility will be back up and running (barring any further problems or delays).

The Volleyball Annex is open for the Club Teams to practice.


Men's Basketball:

The Spring 2016 season is running

The Summer  2016 season will start in July (I hope).

Team signed ups will be available soon!!! 

Team Fee is $450 (must be paid in full before your team will be scheduled for any games!!)

Youth Soccer Teams:  

The Summer Season will start the weekend of June 11 & 12. Note we will be following the NEW US Youth Soccer Age Groups for 2016/2017.

U8 (2009); U9 (2008); U10 (2007); U11 (2006); U12 (2005); U13 (2004); U14 (2003); High School (2002, 2001, 2000, 1999)

Adult Soccer Teams:  

Season 77 is currently playing.

Season 78 will start the week of June 6, 2016. Sign  up online soon!!!

Youth Club Volleyball:

For girls Club Volleyball: Club Kaboom  or Texas Premier Volleball 

Soccer ID Cards:

All soccer players are required to have a membership/id card.  The card is valid from Nov 1 thru Oct 31 (following year).  The card's cost is $15 and is good til the  end of the following October.  Temporary (good only for that night) are available for $5.